XfelonINK is produced and managed by four staunch and devoted people, who have come together for the purpose of promoting a creative voice for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. The dedication of the staff is proof that positive change begins with compassion and hope.

Suza Lambert


Suza Lambert Bowser is a multi-disciplined artist who brings a unique perspective to XfelonINK. As a filmmaker, a writer, a visual artist, and—most significantly—a prisoner, she discovered inspiration while incarcerated in the grim halls of Illinois’ Decatur Prison. The lack of educational and creative opportunities for prisoners motivated Bowser to found XfelonINK, a magazine devoted to encouraging the creative voices of the incarcerated, those who have endured the prison experience as well as their families. “Surviving prison is a challenge,” she says. “But the love and generosity of the women I met humanized the experience. I am indebted to my fellow prisoners; I want to return the kindness by raising awareness of the national crisis of mass incarceration and offering the opportunity for people to express themselves through the arts.”

Jaime Kiraly-Alvarez

Creative Director

Jaime Kiraly-Alvarez, born in Mexico City, moved to Illinois in 2002 and has been happily married since 2010. His passion for creating and designing extends from creating cartoons all the way to designing and producing fine woodworking. He is a “hands-on” designer who loves to create beautiful, simple, and effective websites and graphic designs – from the overarching concept to the smallest details. When Jaime is not in front of the computer creating a website or a logo, he is out playing racquetball, tennis, or maybe he’s with his wife and dog doing some backpacking or mountain biking.

Angela Owen

Production Manager

Now a certified “California Girl,” Angela Owen was originally from “Back East,” where she grew up and attended the University of Delaware, finishing her degree work at the University of Montana. After settling in Humboldt County, she says, “I’ve found my permanent home here among the Redwoods, where I enjoy exploring the coast and trails with my family and animals.”

Cole Saxton

Managing Editor

Cole Saxton received a B.A. in Film from Humboldt State University and went on to apply his training as editor for independent film projects, most notably the 2014 Lionsgate western A River of Skulls written, produced, and directed by Suza Lambert Bowser. He is currently working on a supernatural thriller shot locally in Humboldt County. His propensity for editing also extends to the written word, so working on XfelonInk is a natural fit for him. Cole finds inner-peace and inspiration from his beautiful Humboldt surroundings, often running barefoot along the northern California coastline and exploring the many wonders of the Redwood forest. Cole hopes that XfelonInk will remind everyone that walls can only keep the body confined—not the spirit.