Prison Notes

As an ex-prisoner, I realize that my best sources for describing the prison experience spring from my own memories—my journals—as well as the stories and thoughts of my fellow prisoners and ex-prisoners.

Although I can’t equate my own two and a half year term to anyone who has done serious time (the average time in the U.S. right now is between five and ten years), anyone who has been incarcerated knows that even five minutes behind bars is an eternity. By sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings while I was incarcerated, I hope to shed some light on the prison experience for anyone who cares to know “what it was like.”

Most prisoners don’t have access to the Internet—a situation that only serves to alienate those re-entering a daunting and sometimes incomprehensible technological world.  We, at XfelonINK, encourage family and friends to help their incarcerated loved ones by posting comments for them and printing the pages for those who are cut off from the world.

And, because prison mail is extremely sluggish at best, we will accept comments and postings on any of the topics whenever we receive them.
What follows are excerpts from my prison journals, written between January 2013 until my release in July of 2015. Please feel free to comment and share examples of your own experiences.