Your Prison Experience

Your Prison Experience


Do you or does your loved one have an Orange is the New Black prison experience you care to share?


Post a short anecdote in our Free Forum section below:
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  • Suza Lambert Bowser

    My adjustment to life outside the razor wire has had its ups and downs. First, there’s the euphoria of simply being “out.” That’s a precious sensation and a very heady mixture indeed.
    Second, comes the crash: that “what-do-I-do-now? feeling.” And what do I do? In some ways, I feel confused and unsteady; in other ways, I feel as if the Divine is feeding my heart with liquid love.

    How do you feel? Have you been in prison? How does it feel to you when you get out?
    I’m interested to hear from anyone who has shared this experience or anyone who has a loved one who’s been through the prison mill.

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